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Gibby's Friends

Gibby the GibborangTM

     The unspoken leader. He’s positive, upbeat and promotes healthy community through love, friendship, encouragement and activities of all types from fitness to festivals. Gibby’s warm and compassionate personality makes him a natural “go to” during times of trial for all the islanders and especially the MurrcatsTM who see him as a “big brother” figure. A teacher of morals and values.

The MurrcatsTM

     The zany, merkat-like trio are well-meaning but labeled trouble-makers for their precarious fun-loving actions. They also make up a three-piece band with Shake on drums, Rattle playing guitar and percussions, with Roll as lead vocals.


     The out-spoken, impatient leader of the murrcats is always first and first to speak his mind.


     His a “rattling around” noise causes him to be self-conscious, withdrawn and deflects attention but seems unaffected while playing in the band.


Always happy, regardless of the situation. Extra friendly, always smiling but a little shy.


     The tiger who loses his stripes and stutters when frightened or nervous. Soft spoken, hard worker, disciplined. Lacks self confidence however is a good motivating friend to others. A good husband to Violet, and loving father to Molly and Lil’ Red, Jr.


     Young school-aged girl (7yrs. old), daughter of Red. Bold, very protective of family against bullies. Sings, loves helping others and uncertain what to do when she grows up. Meanwhile, loves being a child and loves school.

Lil Red, Jr.

     Younger brother to Molly (5yrs. old), wants only to be like dad. Thinks it’s “cool” when his stripes disappear.


     Loving wife, encourager and supporter of Red and mom to Lil’ Red, Jr. and Molly.


     The elephant, needs motivation but always willing to help. Great memory, very strong, dry sense of humor.


     The hippo, farmer, easy going, tranquil, but hard worker, loves to fish and relax also.


     (Just a Rhino) Builder, engineering mind, easy going, very strong, loves to fish and relax.

Sweet Tooth Gurr

     The lion, polite, courteous, neat, well-groomed, well-spoken, proper grammar.

Josie the Giraffe

     School teacher, inspirational, role model for young females, sassy!

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